Here's the TRUTH about Confidence and Creativity
What Every Artist, Performer, and Designer Ought to Know About What it Takes to 
Build Unstoppable Creative Confidence
Get Unstoppable Creative Confidence

How would your life change if you had unstoppable confidence in your creative work?

  • Would you NAIL your next audition?
  • ​Would you finish your book?
  • ​Would you quit your day job and go from hobby to full-time artist?
  • ​Would you show up differently to your next gig?
  • ​Would you hire an agent?
  • ​Would you charge more for your work?
  • ​Would you approach that high-end boutique and ask about consignments?

Want to work with Jennifer Joy?

I see you ... and I know that it's YOUR time to shine!

It's YOUR TIME! And I don't believe that it's an accident that you're here.

You've probably been feeling the pull for a while now ... the pull of your future self who is calling you to step full-on into your potential so that you can make a bigger impact and more money with your creative work.

You know it's your time because you are sick and tired of holding back and hiding out. You know there's more out there waiting for you, and you are ready to break through the excuses and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back. 

You’ve tried to follow all the “right" strategies — hiring the right consultant or agent, taking classes and courses to hone your craft, building out your online presence or resumé — and nothing’s really worked, because those old fears and patterns self-sabotage keep coming back to haunt you. 

You see, none of those “right” strategies really taught you how to get out of your own way. So you stay in the grind, taking two steps forward and three steps back – and each time that happens your confidence takes a hit.  

So now you are DONE with all of the "shoulds" and “strategies” that come from playing by everyone else's rules. You CRAVE THE FOUNDATION OF UNSTOPPABLE CREATIVE CONFIDENCE that gives you full permission to be your authentic and creative self, full permission to live by your own rules, AND FULL PERMISSION TO SUCCEED!

Will you be the next to experience ...

Unstoppable Creative Confidence?

Clarity Rooted in Insight and Instinct
Jennifer Joy has an instinct for seeing a breakdown long before it happens, while also seeing the clear solution. It’s such second-nature for her that it was decades (of frustration) before she realized that not everybody has that clarity!

Her gift of vision and insight helps clients stay on track, avoid pitfalls, and set themselves up for real, satisfying success.
Practical Solutions with Creative Flair
Jennifer Joy has been creating systems and structures since she was 10 years old and helping her mother run their single-parent household. Yet being a creative herself, she knows that being too rigid or regimented can kill the creative spirit.

Her clients get the benefit of down-to-earth mentoring and practical solutions – all customized with creative flair.
Accountability and Support
Jennifer Joy loves to cheer on her clients and celebrate their wins! While she provides solid accountability and motivation, she believes in maintaining a warm and inviting coaching space that is free of judgment. 

Her clients receive the support and acceptance that helps them grow their confidence and boldly step into the next level of their creative careers.
Professional and Life Experience
Jennifer Joy has been professionally mentoring and bringing out the best in creatives for more than 20 years. Personally, she’s been disconnected, stuck, stagnant, burnt out, and depressed. Instead of giving up, she took back her life and took back her creativity. Clients get the benefit of Jennifer Joy’s real-world experience, her professional experience, and her education and training.
Let's Get Started!
This Is Your Chance To Work With Jennifer Joy and Take Your Creative Career to the Next Level
Hear The Word On The Street
"I was honestly not expecting it to impact me in such a big way. It has confirmed something's within me that I've always suspected. I feel as if my eyes have been fully opened, and I dare to believe that I can do this."
Lynn Garwood
"I realized I was actually lowering my self-esteem by not being proactive and making the changes in my life that needed to be made. Jennifer Joy helped me see how to take control of my life again and prioritize what I need to do."
Megan Litwin
"Your work is so powerful and so to the point – no messing around, no beating around the bush. And to me, very empowering."
Shirley Lim
Makeup Artist
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